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Just a regular muslimah who is striving to better herself in matters of Duniawi and Akhirah. Here, I post about everything I feel. This is the another perfect place where I can say what's on my mind.
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♥ Merdeka Awesome Giveaway By Rochelle Liong *31/OGOS/2012 ♥
Friday, 31 August 2012 | 1 Comments

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera!!Nak join satu GA Yang OHSEM!!
Nak join just klik banner k? Actually, Kesian Rochelle blog dia kena Hack!>__<
Click Banner untk Join

Tag :-

 Berapa jalur pada Jalur Gemilang?
  -   14 Jalur
 Berapa warna pada Jalur Gemilang?
  -  4 (merah,putih,kuning,biru)

 Jom ! Meriahkan lagi GA ni
Jangan Lupe untuk Click Banner diatas ye :)

Blogger Everything's Everythings said...

comel btol banner giveaway ni haha ;D
Gd luck!


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