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Just a regular muslimah who is striving to better herself in matters of Duniawi and Akhirah. Here, I post about everything I feel. This is the another perfect place where I can say what's on my mind.
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Kawaii Giveaway by Mimie & Isha
Monday, 3 December 2012 | 6 Comments

My god, The prizes are very [10000x] cute ! You really need to join this giveaway ~ All of the prizes are for girls though. So, join !

Prizes that I want : 
  • Nail Polish
  • Manik berbentuk rantai
  • Satu set jahitan 
  • Cekak Rambut
  • Gelang
  • Getah rambut 

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Blogger jjikjjikl said...

nice blog ;)
from the same giveaway ~

Blogger Hanna Nabiella said...

gudluck dear~ :)

Blogger Syamimi_Tahir said...

Before this blog ni pernah private ea? patutlah tak pernah jejak lagi . hehe .
Thanks sebab join . saya harap semua rules dah ikut lah ye . ^^ wish u goodluck !!!!

Blogger Syah said...

jom join GA yang gempak ni!

Blogger Nurul Athirah said...

From the same GA ! Goodluck ye.

Blogger NIA SI DRUMSTICK said...

nia dtg dr GA yg sm..follow sini..singgah blog nia nnti..thanx..follower 138 =)


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